currently in production

Produced and/or Directed by Dawn Mikkelson


Minnesota Mean - In Post-Production

“Minnesota Mean” follows the quirky and powerful women of the #8 ranked women’s roller derby team’s 2017 international season. Athletes who balance life, relationships, and the deep passion they share for a sport that requires 85% of their lives, has no financial compensation, and can send them to the hospital in a split second.

“Minnesota Mean” follows one of the most competitive teams in the fast-growing international sport of women’s roller derby, the Minnesota All-Stars. The All-Stars are deferentially referred to as the “Minnesota Mean”, due to their tough playing style and worldwide ranking (8th out of almost 400 leagues), while coming from a state known for polite people wearing parkas or “Minnesota Nice”.

The film follows five players as they struggle with the grueling practice schedule and need to be in top physical condition. Simultaneously, they work full-time jobs and face the relationship struggles that this high-stakes life creates.

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